Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - The meaning of it all

Another new year begins

As another new year begins, many people will once again be seeking meaning and purpose and questioning life itself.
As a pastor, theologian, counselor, psychologist and writer, this is both a subject and observation I have studied for decades and written many articles and papers about.
This year, it occurred to me that having attempted my hand at poetry recently on several topics, it might be fun to attempt a simple look at the circle of life’s meaning through an inspirational poem and so it is:

Unending struggle

Winds blow and rain falls
Senseless talk
Unending struggle
The meaning of it all

People working
Seven to seven
Nine to five
Is there a reason?

Feed the family
Pay the bills
Be of good cheer
The meaning of it all

Force of habit
Love and responsibility
A need of purpose
The meaning of it all


Confused and uncertain

Children arrive
Insurance, doctors
Birthdays, Easter and Christmas
School, sports and college call

Engagement, marriage
Wedding cost, oh the cost
Children now gone
He leaves, she leaves

Health, sickness, retirement
Divorce or death
The meaning of it all

Confused and uncertain
What next, what to do
A new love, love renewed
And it starts again

The meaning of it all

©Copyright 2012 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III


Deborah Brooks-Langford said...

Dr. Lee
Very good and meaningful poem and oh so true..
Your poems get better all the time
Have a great year.

Lee Outlaw said...

Thank Debbie, I appreciate your support and comment. Happy New Year to you also. Lee

Anonymous said...

I love your new venue, this outlet of media you have chosen to enlighten and inform us. You always give a fresh new outlook on your perceptions, through the eyes of someone who may have sat back all those years, quietly observing, yes, but by no means just taking systematic notes. Your heart remembered, and thus recorded each facet of being, each memorandum of experience and all streamline of emotion attached to the subject matters of which meant something to use and you felt worthy to share amongst peers, colleagues, and the general public that follow you. Finally, that reservoir spilled over into your words hidden from the world but now bursting with energy and poetic sustenance to finally bloom into an expression of its own. So, no different than your journalistic approach as before, now we as your followers and fans are blessed with the extra excursion of your foresights into a world you bring to us through a varied array of observations due to the many hats you wear that blend in cohesiveness.

Lee Outlaw said...

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read and your thoughtful comments. I appreciate so much.
And I do wear many hats and even got a new one for Christmas...LOL