Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Social Network Protocol

As a former and  current News Paper journalist, I have recently seen a number of violations of journalistic ethics and legal concerns among my writer and social networking friends.
In an attempt to prevent any future problems for them, I have chosen to address a few of the most noticeable below:

 A reminder to  my Writer/Author and Social Networking friends:
  1. You CANNOT post Front facial photos of children or minors - even if they are your own, friends, family or of your self. Especially with regard to anything which pertains to sex, sexual abuse, etc. This is even if it is an example.(Sexual predators often use these for their own evil purposes; need I say more?) I might add. THIS IS A FEDERAL CRIME and carries substantial penalties including jail time. (Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr, Sanpfish and many more are there if you so DARE to post family or personal photos) If you feel you have to use a graphic use clip art or a caricature.
  2. You cannot simply copy and paste ANY copyrighted photos, clip art, graphics, music (with exception to most of You Tube) or articles without the EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION  of the author or creator.
  3. Be very careful SHARING on FB, Google+ or Twitter with the use of Professional Journal information outside of YOUR profession; even if it has the social network share button.  It is NOT meant for everyone (even though some would argue it is fair game); it is intended for THEIR community and not yours. If you post something of medical, mental health or legal professions and someone uses it and it brings harm to themself, you could be seen as practicing that particular field without a license and at the very least held liable in a civil suit.
  4. Give credit and LINK to any information you do incorporate in your work. It is the moral, ethical and correct thing to do.  It also demonstrates a high degree of integrity on your part.
  5. Finally writers, authors and graphics designers, ©Copyright, ©Copyright, ©Copyright. Even if it's only the old Ben Franklin Poor Man's Copyright. (Envelope, stamp, postmark content inside and mailed to yourself). FYI - on the internet, just posting ©Copyright - doesn't make it so. Fair warning! Most local TV News markets have runners off to the post office after every news script is finished as do many newspapers utilizing (at least temporarily or as a back up), the poor man's copyright. I used to be one of those runners, so I know. The copyright laws on the internet and social networking are still rather obscure and as such there is theft everywhere;  EVEN WITH COPYRIGHT notices posted. I have personally been victimized and I write for one of the largest on line News Papers in America. I use personal Copyright protection as well as my paper and I was still a victim. So with regard to ©Copyright, USE IT or Lose your hard earned work.
I hope this will help many of us to remember that laws are there to help and not hinder (in most cases). Those of us who are Christians or religious should also remember that taking of anything without permission is still THEFT and accordingly SIN (the eighth commandment).
The internet is kind of like the old candy store with candy openly out for display and so alluring.  A child couldn't help but take some just because it was there. But it was still theft. Photos, articles, music posted by someone else is THEIR hard work (not yours) and not just there for the "picking".
As the video by The Who (Public domain ONLY for limited use as linked to You Tube) says, "Who are you"?   Truth bearer, truth protector or thief? (My words not The Who).
And that's NOT just One Outlaw's Opinion, that is both Man and God's LAW.

©Copyright 2011- 2012  Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III