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Donald Trump’s surge excites grass roots GOP - Brownsville Political Buzz |

Dr. Lee Outlaw

Dr. Lee Outlaw discusses all the reasons Trump is surging in the polls
and speaking to sell out crowds amid the politically correct negative

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pot full of goodness

Pot full of goodness - by Dr. Lee Outlaw

My original article on the many benefits of cannabis and why conservative and Christian support for the legalization of Cannabis is essential from the 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Obama's true self ?

Obama's true self ?

Highlighted anomaly               Actual pic

A surprise in President Obama's 9/11/2014 speech on ISIS

Did you notice how strange and mechanical the President seemed?

This is not to say the president is the devil (although many do), but a friend of mine pointed out an interesting anomaly apparently caused by the drapes in the background  which  clearly makes it appear there are two horns protruding diagonally  from the right and left sides of his head (highlighted in red for emphasis). 
An even closer look  to the right and left and just above the President's ears appears to be the almost curved "ram like" horns often associated with the devil. 
Added to this is a fact noted by almost all liberal and conservative political pundits that the president's eyes were almost entirely fixed and hardly blinked the entire speech.
It has also been noted that the president seemed extremely mechanical and even less sincere than his usual insincere self.

What do you think?

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lee Wylie Outlaw Jr

 Lee Wylie Outlaw Jr

June 19, 1930 - January 6, 2014

Husband-Father-Baptist Deacon- Business Owner


The son and name sake of a Georgia share cropper was born near Wrightsville, GA at home in Johnson County, GA on  June 19, 1930 to Lee Wylie Outlaw Sr and Emma Jane Outlaw.

Lee Wylie Outlaw Jr for whom both this writer, Lee Wylie Outlaw III and my oldest son Lee Wylie Outlaw IV are his name sake as well.

Dad, as my sisters Deb, Pam and Becky called him, often told me he never thought he'd have so many children and grand children. He loved us all and felt very blessed.

Dad in 2010
The last time I saw my father alive he leaned over to me as he so often did to whisper in my ear and said, "Can you believe I have 8 grand children and 2 great grand children"? He was very passionate about that.

He went on to say that he could have never imagined 6 grandsons and he said, "You know Lee, not to take anything away from any of them, but 3 are actually Outlaws". Then he cried a bit and snickered and I'll never forget he said in a humorous way, "Hey you don't think any of them will ever become real outlaws do you"? Of course it was just one of Dad's many ways of being humorous. He did have a pretty good sense of humor. 

On one occasion he asked me how I came about my son Adam's middle name Wayne which I reminded him I had named him after his brother and my uncle Wayne and my son Timothy's middle name Warren was after his Uncle Warren.

Of course he was delighted over his other 3 grandsons as well: Matthew, Jake and Zack. Oh how he loved those boys; all now fine men in their own right.

If you got him started about his two grand daughters Tabitha who was his first grand child and Toni the dancer, he would go on and on. He was always talking about how beautiful they are. I remember one time him referring to the two grand daughters as his personal "T n T". He told me that just to hear from them or see them brought joy to his heart and could turn his sadness into gladness.

He told me many times that he didn't have much but he did have his family. He was very proud of his family. He loved us all.

For me as his only son and the oldest child we definitely had our ups and downs but of all the things my father did for me, it was to introduce me to Jesus Christ on a personal level.

As a Baptist Deacon, Sunday School teacher and director, my father had a profound effect on my spiritual life which drove me closer to Christ and ultimately helped me finalize my  decision to accept God's call to the ministry.

Now semi-retired myself, I am able to utilize many of the automotive skills my father taught me in the body shop growing up.  For all my Dad taught me I will always be grateful.

Dad was one of 8 children, Minnie, Judy, Virginia, Carol, Billie, Charlie and Wayne. Lee Wylie Outlaw Jr is the last of the 8 children born to Lee and Emma Outlaw to pass from this life into the next.

Dad (Lee Wylie Outlaw Jr) was married to one woman, Shirley Bell Wells Outlaw (passed from this life March 13, 2013) for 65 years.

Along with his 4 children, their respective spouses, 8 grand children and 2 great grand children, Lee Wylie Outlaw Jr is survived by numerous nieces and nephews throughout the country.

Dad was an automotive painter and managed one of the Largest Paint and Body Shops in America for nearly 30 years and owned two separate body shops, Solar Body & Paint in Fort Lauderdale and Margate, Florida for nearly 10 years.

The business also had its up and downs with the first shop catching fire and nearly destroying my Dad but God always finds a way and so it was for Dad who was able to make an amazing comeback thanks to family and close Christian friends.

There is so much more that can be said about this man we called Dad and I pray that no one feels left out because that is certainly not intended; we all loved Dad and he loved us all. 

Maybe this writer will write a book about him and include much, much  more; just not today. So if you are a friend or family member and recall some memories you don't mind sharing, send them to me and I will compile a more detailed account.

My children wrote down some thoughts which I am sure all the grand children and my sisters and entire family can relate to that I have included below:

Lee W. Outlaw Jr. went to be with the Lord on January 6, 2014. and he was our Pop.
He was a Godly man, a deacon for many years, a hard working man – owned his own business, even built a home by himself.  True to his Georgia roots, he loved animals and over the years had a horse, 

Dad on "Big Red"
 cow, pig and dogs large and small. His dogs were his buddies and he gave them treats like bacon & eggs for breakfast.  He worked with his hands in his yard, around his home, and on his vehicles.
He will be remembered, as we make grits on a Sunday morning, or pass a fresh mowed lawn with blooming flower beds. We will remember when we hear the brusque voice of a western character on one of his favorite shows, or see someone gently care for a newborn pup, for he was both of these.
Not living nearby made our times together were special. Traveling was not his thing, so visits for graduations and other occasions were treasured.
We will carry your name with honor and your legacy will 

Dad on his Tractor - He loved his yard.