Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Change, emotion’s custodian

Change continues its push

Love the curious emotion
We want it, we need it

Our heart absorbs it
It challenges and clings

It tickles and trembles
A feeling like none other

We feel trapped, captured
We laugh, we cry, we even sing

Life uncertain but love seems sure
Then it happens, her thoughts

They depart, she departs
Change now inevitable

Hurt, emptiness, emotions pile high
The heart is now crowded,

Clutter is everywhere
No room for new emotion

Change continues its push
Pain, sorrow all move in

Breathing is difficult
No room for lungs to expand

The heart now clean

Change continues its push
The heart even more crowded

This custodian of emotion
Tugs, pulls, moves

Change cleans, removes
Finds space, makes room

Happiness, laughter all gone
Emotion’s custodian, change

Hurt, disappointment, sorrow
The heart now clean

These new tenants move in
Change continues its push

The new tenants,
Thankfully, short term
New love is found

Change, the custodian of emotion
Pushes on

©Copyright 2012 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III


Deborah Brooks-Langford said...

great poem Dr, Lee. so beautiful..

Lee Outlaw said...

Thank you Debbie, I appreciate the comment.