Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ode to an Outlaw

When you're an OUTLAW & no one knows your name

The name is the thing

There is always something
For this Outlaw,
The name is that thing

An Outlaw, not the old west
Not the fastest gun,
The boots, spurs or vest
The name, just the name

Old England is the jive,
Thirteen hundred and twenty five
Eau’tlawe not Outlaw back in that day

Aristocrats some,
To the Carolinas they say

Debtors were most,
Though criminals none,

To America’s Georgia
Or Australia they would come

Share croppers, farmers,
A hard life all
The Outlaw’s they were

Family farmers, ranchers all
Time progresses,

Lawmen and mayors some become
Ministers, preachers they were as well,
Painters, truckers and pilots were some


OUTLAW is really my name

The name, yes the name
Childhood memories

Of school yard scorn
Because of the name,
Just the name

Even today people laugh,
Ridicule never ends

The name they make it a game,
Their attempts they see as humor

But their inner thought,
One of shock and shame

Oh that name, that name
is that really their name

Outlaw, not just a name
My Grandfather’s name,

My Father’s name
My son’s name, my family name

OUTLAW is MY name
Yes, OUTLAW is really my name

A million times over and over again
Yes, OUTLAW is really my name
OUTLAW, Lee Outlaw

This is my Ode to all
With OUTLAW as their name

©Copyright 2012 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III


Anonymous said...

Dr Lee, I love this. I got such a kick out of this. I know I'm one of the guilty ones who in the beginning, when I first met you, how I told you your last name was so kool and I still think it is, wow, who wouldn't want to have a name like that to play with? Loved this Poem.

Lee Outlaw said...

Thank you so much Susan, I like people thinking the name is "kool".
I did this as much for family as anything as well as to have another Hub but Hub kicked it off and said it was a duplicate. I did both Gooogle and Hub search and couldn't find anything but I've learned not to fight them. It's only the 4th one they have kicked off. I talked to a guy the other day who said he's had over 15 kicked off.
Thanks so much for your read and your taking time to comment.

Deborah Brooks-Langford said...

You are so cute Mr. Outlaw.. is your name.. love your poem...You are getting so good at this.
Great job.