Monday, February 6, 2012

Most Every Man’s Obsession

Hank Williams Jr - Are You Ready for Some Football?

 Monday Night Football Theme

It attracts like nothing else

It attracts like nothing else
Emotions stirred in every way

Time is an issue
Two or three hours or more

It could be almost any day
Sixteen, nineteen, even twenty two
Meetings they say,

August, September, October
November, December also
January and February too

Sunday or Monday always
Thursday and Saturday sometimes

It moves and stirs
The appetite hungers

It wants him more and more
As he longs for it as well
Addiction sets in, taking both mind and soul

His woman often wonders
Sports  FansWhat’s wrong with him?

He gathers with others,
Obsessed with this thing,

indulge in rituals, chants and grunts
Is this a cult she observes?

Gluttony, o gluttony
Unbelievable amounts of food
Drinking and frolicking too

A near religious experience

A near religious experience
The casual observer,
Seeks to understand

Colors, identities and titles too
Their only salvation,
Winning will see them through

This, every man’s obsession
The absolute of absolutes,

Near a screen or a stadium seat
Peanuts, popcorn, hotdogs too
Football - Every Man's ObsessionTo some just a game
But for this man’s obsession
A loss is pure shame

Not to win, not to win,
Oh what could have been?
A near win, just pure sin

This, every man’s obsession
For some, a personal possession

On any given Sunday
Sunday, the day the Lord hath made
Sunday, the day the NFL hath remade

This every man’s obsession

Called Football

©Copyright 2012 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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Anonymous said...

this is so cute.. and it is so true.. football.. lol.. I like to a certain point but there is a limit.. love your poem.

Lee Outlaw said...

Thank you for your read and comment Debbie.