Friday, September 12, 2014

Obama's true self ?

Obama's true self ?

Highlighted anomaly               Actual pic

A surprise in President Obama's 9/11/2014 speech on ISIS

Did you notice how strange and mechanical the President seemed?

This is not to say the president is the devil (although many do), but a friend of mine pointed out an interesting anomaly apparently caused by the drapes in the background  which  clearly makes it appear there are two horns protruding diagonally  from the right and left sides of his head (highlighted in red for emphasis). 
An even closer look  to the right and left and just above the President's ears appears to be the almost curved "ram like" horns often associated with the devil. 
Added to this is a fact noted by almost all liberal and conservative political pundits that the president's eyes were almost entirely fixed and hardly blinked the entire speech.
It has also been noted that the president seemed extremely mechanical and even less sincere than his usual insincere self.

What do you think?

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