Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trump, immigration and the Southern border

Dr. Lee Outlaw

Donald Trump Press Conference in Laredo, Texas

Everyone keeps saying Donald Trump is just a momentary obstacle in the way of the other legitimate Republican presidential contenders.

Yet, almost daily, the Donald is either headlining the news or rising in the polls.

In essence, Donald Trump continues onward and upwards.

Mr. Trump is certainly not afraid to take on the very political incorrectness of which he has been accused.

Unlike his fellow candidates, Trump never seems to back down from addressing the media. He speaks to everyone, liberal, conservative, traditional and alternative news outlets; they all get their chance to talk to the Donald.

When a media representative gets the opportunity to interview Mr. Trump, they’d better know what they’re talking about and have their facts straight because the Donald is not afraid of confrontation; he will challenge a reporter.

Nearly every reporter in America has misquoted or deliberately indicted Trump making him out to be both anti-Mexican and even racist from remarks he made on illegal immigration during his presidential announcement; most who know him will tell you he is definitely neither.

The truth is however, the Donald might have been a bit direct and somewhat zealous in his remarks about immigration but he certainly wasn’t factually incorrect.

Living on the American side of the Mexican border and the Rio Grande River, this writer knows all too well that the Mexican government encourages illegal immigration into the United States.

It's a matter of economics; Mexico simply has more poor people than it can provide jobs or give them what few entitlements it has available.

A little known fact, nobody talks about (much less the media reports) is that Mexico frequently opens the doors of it prisons via staged escapes, riots, fires, explosions, etc. allowing sometimes hundreds of hardened criminals convicted of capital crimes to be released. These prisoners are then conveniently helped to cross the border illegally.

Anyone who has worked with ACLU attorneys knows full well this truth and much more. I have worked with these attorneys as a Texas licensed adjuster and had them tell me this as fact and their concern about the problem.

Local Mexican television which can be viewed on the American side of the border often has public service announcements by the Mexican government telling their people how to cross the border safely illegally.

Ironically, there are also American paid Public Service announcements produced by the United States Border Patrol and Homeland Security which discourage attempting to enter the United States illegally while at the same time informing the Mexican public what to do should they attempt to cross illegally and get lost or caught and where call boxes and safe emergency water can be located.

With all due respect to the Mexican people and the Mexican government, the bottom line is that Donald Trump is correct.

We should remember that anyone who enters a country without the proper passports and visas is illegal and has actually committed a crime.

There is no problem with people who wish to enter the United States legally; as the old saying goes, “The more, the merrier” and Mr. Trump has even stated as much while also alluding to the thousands of Mexican workers he legally employees.

The Donald was obviously crude in his remarks by saying that Mexico is not sending their best because America benefits greatly from many fine people who have relocated legally from Mexico.

Because Mexico doesn’t spend much money on their prisons or prisoners and has no death penalty, they’re more than eager to get rid of their hardened capital criminals to make room for the lesser criminals with shorter sentences they can better afford.  As such and stated previously, Mexico allows these capital criminals to miraculously escape and cross the border; free to commit rape, murder and mayhem in the United States just as the Donald said.

In essence what the Donald said was true, just not the way he said it; of course in our contemporary, instant information society, it doesn’t matter how correct someone is concerning a topic, if they don’t word something exactly in the Politically Correct way the media thinks they should, then they’ve committed an unpardonable sin against the media and will be condemned to everlasting accusative and slanderous reporting.

Such was the case for The Donald on Thursday, July 23, 2015 when after the United States Border Patrol invited Trump for a tour of the border near Laredo, Texas, the National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 abruptly canceled just hours before his scheduled arrival.

The media couldn't have been happier.

Trump again however, turned the table on the media and claimed that Washington was trying to silence the Border Patrol and at least implied they were trying to silence him as well.

Hector Garza, president of Local 2455, stated, “As a local of the NBPC, our purpose is to support and protect the men and women who protect our borders. Make no mistake, our border with Mexico is not secure and there’s no doubt that we need to have an honest discussion about that with the American people. Local 2455 will continue to represent our members to the best of our abilities and will make sure that our members concerns are heard by the American people.”

Garza went on to emphasize the danger involved such a short distance from the volatile Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo. You can literally look down into Nuevo Laredo from the Laredo side of the border.

Having visited Laredo many times as an insurance adjuster, this writer can personally agree with Agent Garza about the danger of Nuevo Laredo.

You can look across the International Trade bridge at uniformed Mexican Federallies and local police armed with AK-47 Rifles, Kevlar vest and helmets; it's not a pretty sight and certainly not a Mexican Welcoming Committee.

As usual however, try as they might, the press did not succeed in bringing Trump down. He went to the border, he saw and listened and came away more convinced than ever that something is definitely wrong at our Southern border.

© 2015 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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Monday, October 13, 2014

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Obama's true self ?

Obama's true self ?

Highlighted anomaly               Actual pic

A surprise in President Obama's 9/11/2014 speech on ISIS

Did you notice how strange and mechanical the President seemed?

This is not to say the president is the devil (although many do), but a friend of mine pointed out an interesting anomaly apparently caused by the drapes in the background  which  clearly makes it appear there are two horns protruding diagonally  from the right and left sides of his head (highlighted in red for emphasis). 
An even closer look  to the right and left and just above the President's ears appears to be the almost curved "ram like" horns often associated with the devil. 
Added to this is a fact noted by almost all liberal and conservative political pundits that the president's eyes were almost entirely fixed and hardly blinked the entire speech.
It has also been noted that the president seemed extremely mechanical and even less sincere than his usual insincere self.

What do you think?

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